A downloadable game for Windows

Initially created for the Ludum Dare competition, The Sun Returns is a game where the goal is to destroy a resurrected, tyrannical Sun by blowing up your solar-system buddies and absorbing their resources, eventually (and hopefully) becoming strong enough to take the Sun head on in a bullet-hell style battle.


Q: Is this based on anything in particular?

A: Yes, actually. Space :) ...Only kidding. It's actually based on a game I made for Ludum Dare 24, approx. 3 years and 4 months ago, called "@#$% Life! I'm The God Damn SUN". All the graphics were drawn in flash and the entire game was programmed in the free edition of Construct 2. I've ported the game to work on Desktop (after fixing the frame-rate dependence since I didn't know what Delta-time was back in the day) and you can play it here.

Q: ...I can't think of anymore questions.

A: Me either. That was fast.


Have fun!


The Sun Returns 13 MB